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  • BioBizz Alg-A-Mic is a 100% organic vitality booster that can be used to provide a boost in veg or flowering
  • Excellent for use in vegetative and flowering stage
  • Packed with natural amino acids, 70 trace minerals and much more



Just like people, plants can get stressed too. Environmental factors such as dehydration, temperature differences or overfeeding can all impact on the health of your plants, making them vulnerable to disease and reducing yield. Alg·A·Mic™ counters the effects of stress, providing a broad spectrum of nutrients, delivered in a 100% organic mix that helps plants recover quickly. A stress-free plant can focus on producing bigger, sweeter fruit and higher yields, so it’s important to keep your plants happy! Alg·A·Mic™ contains a balanced blend of high grade organic liquid seaweed, and very high concentrations of trace elements and hormones. Natural amino acids and vitamins are added, making this the perfect tonic for any stress-out plant! It can be used as a nutrient supplement or as a foliar spray, promoting healthy, lush foliage and high yields of sweeter, juicier fruit. Simply dilute with water and apply if plants show signs of stress.


Brand Biobizz
Size 1 Litre

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