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3/4 inch PVC Pipe and fittings

3/4 inch PVC Pipe and fittings

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  • UV Stabilised PVC parts - will not deteriorate
  • Solvent Weldable – 2-part PVC cement
  • Available in 1m lengths (3m lengths in store pick up only)

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What Are The High Pressure Pipework and Parts for FloraFlex Components

The standard rigid and flexi pipe we stock doesn’t fit on FloraFlex components as they are manufactured in the US using different diameter sizes. In order to set up an irrigation system using floraflex, you’ll need this rigid pipe and fittings for any installation.

3/4" 1m PVC pipe

Please note we are currently supplying white PVC pipe. If you want black PVC pipe, please contact us for a lead time.

Connect your components together with high pressure 3/4" US PVC pipe (priced per meter). It will ensure a consistent, uniform pressure through your system so every plant has an equal amount of nutrient solution delivered.

***We can only ship in sizes up to 1-metre. We stock sections up to 3-metres, available for in-store collection***.

3/4" PVC Elbow

Use the 90-degree elbow to divert your pipework around around corners or if the pipework needs to go up and around objects i.e. out of the reservoir or for mounting air bleed valves higher than manifolds.

3/4" PVC ‘T’

Used to create 2 outlets from 1, you can run multiple rows of manifolds using ‘T’ connectors.

3/4" PVC Socket connector

Used to connect lengths of 3/4 inch pipes together for long straights.

3/4" PVC Plain Cross

The PVC Plain Cross is used with rigid 3/4" PVC pipework. The PVC Plain Cross allows you to configure your pipework to create your perfect system. You can also create a floor stand with it using 3/4" PVC Plain End Cap and 3/4" PVC Pipework.

3/4" PVC Plain End Cap

The PVC Plain End Cap is used to cap off anywhere along the PVC pipework. Used with the rigid 3/4" ID/26.7mm OD PVC pipework, the PVC Plain End Cap allows you to configure your pipework.

PVC Plain BSP Threaded Socket

The PVC Plain BSP Threaded Socket is used to connect the air lock to the end of the system to bleed air from the system.

How Can I Elevate My Dripper System Pipework?

Floor Stand

Use a PVC Plain Cross with 3/4" PVC Pipework and PVC Plain End Caps to create a floor stand, raising the rigid pipework off the ground. This allows you to use the rigid 3/4" PVC pipework with small and large unidrain dripper trays.

How to use 3/4" PVC Pipe and Fittings:

You MUST use a Aquaking Submersible Pump with FloraFlex components to generate enough pressure to properly operate the components.

Use in conjunction with the FloraFlex Range.

Once you’ve measured, cut and double checked the sizing of your pipework, you must cement it in place before pressurising with a pump as this pipework is not leak-free when pushed tight. We recommend using standard plumbers PVC cement to lock it in place.

What Are the Dimensions for FloraFlex PVC Pipework and Fittings?

This 3/4" PVC pipework and fittings is compatible with the FloraFlex system. The follwing information shows the inside (ID) and outside (OD) dimensions of the pipework and fittings:

  • Pipework:
    • ID = 3/4 Inch (19 mm)
    • OD = 26.7 mm
  • Fittings:
    • ID = 26.7 mm
    • OD = 34 mm


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