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Acoustic Foam 2050mm X 1250mm

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  • Insulates both sound and heat
  • Absorbs sound from a range of frequencies
  • Self-adhesive on one side allows for effortless application
  • Chemically inert & non-dusting – no effect on your crop
  • Resistance to UV, Ozone and external weathering
  • Supplied in a roll 2050mm x 1250mm
  • Easy to cut, bend, shape and fit into any application
  • Due to the size of this item, please allow 2 working days for delivery

Acoustically shield any fan!

Our flexible ‘a’ series acoustic foam is an open cell material that’s extremely robust while also easy to work with. It resists against UV, Ozone and external weathering so it will stand up to the worst an indoor grow room can throw at it.

Extraction fans have been purpose designed to utilise a similar foam that’s inside the body to dampen the sound of the fan. It doesn’t have to be internal to work though; you can get impressive results by externally wrapping your fan in this stuff too!

Can be used on any Extraction or intake fan, both EC and AC. You can even wrap acoustic fans to dampen the sound further.

Acoustic foam is a great way to reduce noise in your grow room because there’s no loss of airflow when you attach it to an inline fan.

The foam itself has a huge operating range, having similar sound absorption qualities from -30 °C right through to 110 °C meaning it will continue to acoustically insulate whatever temperature your room is. If the room has large swings in temperature, the adhesive backing will be the first to fail – make sure you secure the foam tightly to prevent this.

The adhesive backing supplied with this foam allows it to be attached to a range of surfaces. Make sure the surface is dust free and dry for the adhesive to work correctly.

Supplied in a light grey colour, your equipment won’t stand out too much once wrapped. Some people prefer the matt texture the foam provides.

This acoustic foam conforms to fire safety standards for use in construction. It’s self-extinguishing, with the following certifications:

  • BS 4735: Self-Extinguishing
  • ASTM D1692: Max extent burn 60mm
  • FMVSS 302: Pass
  • UL94: Class 94 HBF

How to use:

It’s best to use this on your extraction and intake fans. It won’t completely silence your fans but can drastically reduce the amount of noise they create during operation.

Use in conjunction with Acoustic Ducting or Phonic Trap Ducting for best results.

We recommend against mounting your fans directly to beams, studs or walls as fans vibrate which can be passed through solid surfaces. Instead, attach a Bungee Cord which will reduce vibrational noise, making your garden even more quiet.

The sheet is normally fixed via the self-adhesive backing. For longer term applications or where there is a lot of temperature flux, a mechanical fixing may be required such as a screw with washer or support pins.

If your fixing the foam to electrical equipment, you can use a fabric material with a fine mesh to wrap the foam once fit.

Most of our customers use this to wrap electrical equipment including duct fans, but it can be used on the entire room or tent too. Some growers also let their pumps rest on the foam as it reduces vibration.

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