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Advanced Nutrients - Bud Factor X

Advanced Nutrients - Bud Factor X

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  • Maximum production of terpenoids, resins and essential oils
  • Induces stress response in plants
  • Plants produce more terpenes in response to stress
  • Bud Factor X is a must if running the Advanced Nutrient line-up
  • Solves common deficiency symptoms during bloom
  • Can be applied as a foliar spray or in with your nutrient solution.


It's Never Too Late to Maximize Your Harvests

Bud factor potentiates the nutrients in your solution so you get the most out of your entire nutrient range.

It contains magnesium sulphate which provides magnesium and sulphur (which are often deficient in hydro systems) at the perfect rate to drive a larger, better smelling yield come harvest time.

Formulated with biologically active ingredients; Axiom Harpin Protein, Salicylic Acid, and Chitosan which work together to activate plant immunity and strengthen the plant, leading to denser, heavier fruit.

All the ingredients in Bud Factor X work with your nutrient line-up to Solves common deficiency symptoms such as interveinal chlorosis in older leaves, curling of leaves upward along margins and marginal yellowing.

How to use Advanced Nutrients – Bud factor X

Nutrient Solution:

2ml per litre throughout the bloom period. Discontinue use during flush.

Foliar feed:

Spray while the lights are off at 2ml/L avoiding any forming flowers.


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