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Advanced Nutrients - Bud Ignitor

Advanced Nutrients - Bud Ignitor

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  • Potentiates your Flowering Sites at the onset of Flower
  • Increases number of Flowering Sites
  • Helps Plants store P and K for use during Flower
  • Larger Yield, Higher Quality

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Maximise your harvest!

Traditionally, growers use a change in day-length and nutrition to signal to the plant that it’s time to flower – with the addition of Bud Ignitor, you’re able to enhance growth while at the same time promote earlier, heavier flowering plus maximize budding sites and flower production while maximizing harvests; making them more valuable .

What do your plants really need?

Most bloom fertilizer programs underplay Potassium and Nitrogen too much, while providing too much Phosphorus too late. This includes the reliance on Bloom Boosters used on top of base nutrients.

Scientific testing from thousands of tissue samples on the type of plants you grow show that if you fail to provide the right amounts and right types of Potassium and Phosphorus early in the bloom phase, you create a permanent deficit that lowers your harvest size no matter what you do later on - It’s like missing the starting gun for a race, and then scrambling like crazy to catch up later on but you can’t catch up: after those first two weeks are gone, your plant is not going to create any more budding sites; this is why early application of Bud Ignitor is crucial to maximizing everything your plants do later in bloom cycle.

Your plants are smart! They bank their early cache of Potassium and Phosphorus in extra floral structures and other tissues. They also instruct their roots to make and bank extra Cytokinins that boost floral production throughout bloom cycle.

Your plants have extra reserves of raw materials to draw on so they produce the maximum amount of floral structures with maximum oil production.

How to use advanced nutrients Bud Ignitor:

Use alongside Advanced Nutrients series of bloom specific Bud Boosters such as Big Bud, Bud Candy, and Overdrive.

Only use during the onset of Flower (first 2 weeks) at 2ml / L


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