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Advanced Nutrients - CarboLoad Liquid

Advanced Nutrients - CarboLoad Liquid

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  • Prevents Mid-Flower stall
  • Maximises the Plant’s Root Zone
  • 100% Organic
  • Bigger, Fuller, Heavier and Tastier flowers

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Give your plants a push – right when they might stall

Every cellular process in your plant requires energy, all plants rely on carbohydrates just like humans to produce this energy, your plants have a lot of work to do to take them all the way from tiny little seeds to grow and bloom into big, juicy, lush buds filling out a huge harvest like you want them to.

After their growth phase they’ve used up a lot of energy already. Then about half-way into their bloom cycle, many growers see their plants hit a wall. In reality, their plants are what scientists call “carb depleted”, because they’ve already burnt up all the carbohydrates they’ve been fed and have none left for energy to fuel further growth, that’s why your plants seem to “stall out” right in the middle of your bloom phase – often growers put this stall down to a lack of nutrients in the solution but the plants actually require carbohydrates in order to continue to keep growing bigger, fuller, heavier and tastier flowers.

CarboLoad features and benefits:

CarboLoad contains only 100% organic carbohydrates which are more easily broken down by micro fauna and more easily absorbed by plant roots.

CarboLoad has a specifically designed blend of complex and simple carbohydrates so that your plants get the fast energy they need - CarboLoad has a proprietary blend of Glucose, Arabinose and Xylose, combined with Fulvic Acid. This combination ensures your plants get simple sugars at just the right time giving them immediate flower boosting power, and the complex carbohydrates provide the long-term energy needs.

The sugars in CarboLoad translate directly to floral sugars. This is because the sugars in CarboLoad fuels your plants internal pathways so your finished crops are more aromatic and taste sweeter than ever. CarboLoad adds complex sugars to your plant’s metabolism and physical structure. The carbs also feed the microorganisms in your soil for increased plant health.

How to use Advanced Nutrients - Carboload Liquid:

Use alongside the full range of Advance Nutrients at a rate of 2ml

Discontinue during flush



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