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Air Line Tubing Per Metre

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  • Connect air pumps to air stones
  • Ideal for both hydroponic and aquatic applications.

Air Line tubing is perfect for connecting your pump to an air stone in order to raise the levels of dissolved air in a reservoir or nutrient solution.

Air exchange is essential in systems where roots sit directly in water, as without air the roots will soon become unhealthy, leading to deterioration of vitality.

Oxygenated nutrient solutions should stay usable for longer and the columns of air help stir the reservoir.


How to use

Simply connect one end of the tubing to an air pump and the other end to an air stone. Make sure the tube is firmly attached before use.

We recommend you keep air pumps outside your growing environment to reduce the chances or re-circulating air which may cause diseases such as Pythium.

This tube should only be used for air since it is clear and algae may form if used for nutrient solution.