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AirMaid 6100 1000mg/h Ozone Generator

AirMaid 6100 1000mg/h Ozone Generator

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  • Versatile: Disinfect your air, water or plumb into your ductwork
  • Destroys all unpleasant organic odours
  • Ensure natural freshness with no lingering smells
  • replaceable corona discharge ceramic plate
  • Easy to use and install


Removing odours and micro-organisms in air and water

The AM6000 range of ozone generators are pumped corona discharge units with an output of 1 g/h (1000mg /h ). They can be used in professional hygiene, water and odour applications.

Ozone, sometimes known as ‘activated oxygen’, is probably the most powerful and effective natural cleaning agent known to man. It reproduces the freshness of the outdoors by destroying the bacteria that causes odour. And because ozone quickly and safely reverts back to oxygen it leaves behind no harmful residues.

Primarily intended for closed loop growers who have developed a petri dish issue, these ozone generators can help sort out issues of stagnant air that can develop, so in closed environments, you can re-fresh air less reguarly. The unit is versatile as you can pipe it into your extractor ducting to ensure no smells leave the space, into your intake when no plants are in the room to disinfect the entire room, or pipe it into your reservoir to disinfect your nuutrient solution, reducing the amount of peroxides used.

This generator has a really high output and is mainly intended for larger-scale growers looking for whole-room sterilization inbetween cycles. Disinfect the entire room along with all the equipment to reduce chances of cross-contamination. Run this generator in the room when there are no plants or humans present, and use the AM2300 for continuous output when the room is in use.

The Am6100 is different to most ozone units as it is pumped and supplied with a 3m hose. This means you can direct ozone to where ever it is required. If sterilising your entire grow room between cycles, pipe ozone into your intake to evenly distribute it around your room. You can also pipe it after your carbon filter as a 'belt and braces' approach to grow room smells, or plumb it into your reservoir to disinfect nutrient solution.

Key Features:

  • Fixed ozone output 1 gm (1000mg/h)
  • Pumped output at 3 or 7L/min for delivery direct to duct, room or water vessel
  • Red illuminated power switch


Weight: 3kg

Dimensions: 430 x 225 x 160mm (L x W x H)

Output: 1.0 g/h

Power: 100W

Electrical: 230V ac single phase

How to use AM6100 ozone generator:

Complete operating instructions are supplied with the unit

This unit is not meant for continuous use of grow room air sterilization, it is instead used in between crops to sterilize the room and all the equipment, preventing issue across cycles from cross-contamination.

The AM 6100 is supplied with a silicon hose that can be plumbed into your extraction (after the filter) as a belt and braces approach to grow room smells. You could also run the ozone to an air-stone for reservoir sterilization.


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