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Amazon Aeroponic System Components & Spares

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  • Heavy yielding aeroponic system
  • Constant Oxygen Access for roots
  • Practical and easy to maintain
  • No waste

If a component in your system breaks, you will need to replace the part as soon as possible, or the plants that are in the system may start to suffer. For this reason, it may be a clever idea to keep some spare components nearby in case of failure. As with all systems, the moving parts are most at risk of failure from fatigue, such as pumps and spray bars.


80mm Neoprene Collar

The Neoprene Collar supports the stalks of growing plants by gently holding them in position in the net pots. The collars also stop light from entering the chamber which could cause stunted root growth, slowing foliar growth or algae to blossom in the nutrient rich solution, which could clog the spray bar

80mm Net Pot

The Net Pot Will only require a small handful of clay pebbles to fill up the pot to support the new root growth. The sides have large, open perforations that allow the spray bar to give the plants optimal opportunity to access the nutrients required.

Top Tray

The Top Tray has a variable number of 80mm holes that can hold the net pots in position. The tray fits on top of both sizes of tank, with one top tray covering the entire single tank and 2 trays being required for the double tank.

Chamber Tray

The chamber tray sits inside and above the tank but below the top tray, forming the bottom of the chamber in which the roots grow, it has 2 channels to hold the spray bar in position

Tank Double

The Double Tank is the base of the double system and holds the nutrient solution. Two chamber trays can be mounted into the double tank.

Tank Single

The single tank is the base of the single system and holds the nutrient solution. One chamber tray can be mounted in the single tank

Spray Bar Single

The Single Spray Bar has 4 nozzles to spray the chamber and give the perfect mix of nutrient solution to air for the roots.

Spray Bar Double

The double spray bar is two spray bars plumbed together so the plants receive more nutrient solution


How to Use

In the Amazon system, a gardener may want to swap single plants out, with an additional 80mm collar and net pot, you can easily swap out plants in the system; just take the old one out and put a new plant into the collar. Put the collar into the net pot and into the system. Care should be taken when removing old plants so the net pots can be reused. Old or broken net pots can be easily and economically replaced. 


With the amazon system, you could have separate top trays with different amounts of holes in each and switch out the top trays if more or fewer plants were required. If you purchase the top trays, please send us an email or give us a call specifying how many holes you would like; we tailor these systems specifically to your requirements by drilling as many holes as you need! It all depends on how large you are prepared to grow each plant, as a single plant in the system can fill out a whole tent if given enough time.


If time is limited, as many as 32 holes can be drilled in each unit, which will decrease the amount of vegetation required to fill out the space, with each plant being smaller as a result. Orders that do not specify the number of holes will be sent with 4 holes in each top tray