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Ant Stop! Bait Station

Ant Stop! Bait Station

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  • Pre-baited, ready-to-use insecticidal bait station
  • Destroys ants and their nest in days
  • Controls ants in and around your home

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What is Home Defence® Ant Stop!® Bait Station™?

The all-in-one Ant Stop!® Bait Station™ is a pre-baited, ready-to-use insecticidal bait station that destroys ants and their nests.

Simple to use and suitable for home use, it helps to control ants in and around your home, garden and other buildings where you don't want ants! Use inside or outside on hard surfaces where ants are a pest, such terraces and patios.

How Does Ant Stop! Bait Station Work?

Worker Ants collect the bait and take it back to the nest to share with the other ants, including the queen! Once the queen dies, egg production ceases. Ant activity outside the nest is lighter to none in around three to six days. Ant Stop! completely eliminates the nest in one to three weeks.

This long lasting 0.05% fipronil insecticide barrier remains effective for up to three months and is suitable for use in and around your home.

When Should I Use Ant Stop Bait Station?

Use Ant Stop! Bait Station at the first sign of ant activity in the house or anywhere you don't want ants around the garden or buildings. One station is normally enough to eliminate one nest.

Garden tip:

  • If you have ants entering a building in more than one place, this usually means more than one nest.

How Do I Use Ant Stop! Bait Station?

Once you deploy a bait station, keep it dry. Check regularly and replace once depleted.


  1. 1. Break off the four spurs to expose the entrances to the bait station.
  2. 2. Place the station close to the where you see ants.


  1. 1. Break off the four spurs to expose the entrances to the bait station.
  2. 2. Place the station close to the ant nest.
  3. 3. Cover the bait station with a brick or tile to keep it dry.

Safety Warning and Environmental Information

Keep out of reach of children. Always read the product's label and user instructions before use and/or disposal.

When handling the product: wear protective gloves and do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash hands immediately after handling this product.

Keep pets and children away from bait stations.

Do not use on or near food, feed or drinks. Do not use on or near food preparation sites, including surfaces or utensils likely to be in direct contact with food, feed or drinks.

Never use where the product could get on food or in drinks or animal feed/water.


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