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Anti Siphon Valve 16mm

Anti Siphon Valve 16mm

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  • Innovative design is both lightweight and cost-effective
  • Stops unsafe water from entering a clean water supply such as the water that comes from your faucets or shower heads
  • Closes and seals when water pressure is applied from the other direction


To prevent a siphoning effect after the irrigation drip system is switched off, invest in a 16mm Anti-Syphon Valve. An anti-syphon valve is designed to bleed air from the irrigation supply tube and allows water to only flow in one direction, stopping water from the irrigation system from being siphoned back into the water supply line. It is a highly effective measure at preventing water used to grow plants from making its way back into your household pipes. Ideal for high-pressure systems, the anti-syphon valve should be positioned after your pump and filter using a 16mm pipe.

  • Ensures water flows in just one direction, bleeds air from the irrigation supply.
  • For use with 16mm pipes.
  • An economical yet excellent quality valve.
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