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Assassin Carbon Filter

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  • Silently Eliminate Grow Room Odours
  • Super Lightweight
  • Supplied with 2 Pre-Filters
  • Virgin Granular Activated Carbon - Australian mined
  • Strong and robust aluminium construction
  • Minimal pressure drop

Silently Eliminate Odours

Assassin filters offer extremely high performance air-scrubbing without the price tag of other brands, representing amazing value for money.

Activated carbon has a huge surface area thanks to the microscopic pores that cover each grain. These pores are able to absorb impurities and aromatic compounds, cleaning all the air that is passed through the filter and out of the grow room.

Extraction Systems Provide Several Benefits

Using an extraction system in your indoor garden provides you with several benefits, including the following:

  • Humidity Control
  • Consistent Temperatures
  • Refreshing CO2
  • VOC’s* – Grow Room Smells

Humidity Control

Plants transpire water which is released into the surrounding air. If no extraction or dehumidification takes place, humidity will quickly spiral out of control. Vent humid air outside of the growing environment to passively draw fresh air in.

Consistent Temperatures

All Grow room equipment produces heat but HID lighting is one of the largest contributors to temperature as the lamp emits Infrared. By placing your filter at the top of your space, you will be venting the hottest air leading to more manageable, stable temperatures in your environment.

Refreshing CO2

Plants use CO2 from the air as building blocks for metabolic processes. If air is not refreshed, the CO2 gets depleted and growth slows. Using a carbon filter to extract stale air out of your environment will passively bring in fresh air, keeping CO2 levels consistent.

VOC’s – Grow Room Smells

Grow rooms can be serious sources of smells that can be a concern, particularly in residential houses. You don’t want to smell stagnant water or plants the entire time you’re in your house!

How Do I Use The Assassin Carbon Filter?

You’ll need an extraction fan to provide the airflow for the filter. You can connect the two with Jubilee clips or Fast Clamps, just make sure you match the sizes of all equipment, so it fits together.

We advise exhausting the air out of your growing environment using reflective ducting, combi ducting or acoustic ducting.

You must draw air through the carbon filter, it cannot be pushed into the filter unless you’re using an inline carbon filter.

Available Assassin Carbon Filter

Filter Size mm Filter Size inch Maximum Volume m³/hr
Assassin Carbon Filter 100mm x 300 4 x 12 350
Assassin Carbon Filter 125mm x 300 5 x 12 500
Assassin Carbon Filter 150mm x 300 6 x 12 600
Assassin Carbon Filter 150mm x 600 6 x 24 900
Assassin Carbon Filter 200mm x 600 8 x 24 1125
Assassin Carbon Filter 250mm x 600 10 x 24 1420
Assassin Carbon Filter 250mm x 1000 10 x 39.5 1900
Assassin Carbon Filter 315mm x 600 12 x 24 2440
Assassin Carbon Filter 315mm x 1000 12 x 39.5 3250

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend you change your Carbon Filter once every 12-18 Months.

*VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds.