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from £5.95

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Assassin Combi Ducting 5m

Assassin Combi Ducting 5m

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  • Robust – Multi layered
  • Light Tight – no light leaks
  • Plant Safe – no off gassing
  • Durable – reinforced with spiral wire
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Economical and easy to install
  • Slightly reduces fan noise

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Robust, Light tight ducting for your extraction system

Ducting is essential to connect all your ventilation components in order to move stale air from the grow area, taking excess heat, humidity and bringing in fresh air to replenish CO2 levels to keep plants in optimal zones for healthy, fast growth.

Normal reflective ducting is just a single layer of aluminium foil thick and as a result it’s easy to perforate or tear during installation or routine grow room maintenance. Combi Ducting has an added layer of protection; a plant-safe plastic polymer around the aluminium layer, providing additional protection. As a result, the ducting is stronger, more robust, tougher and suitable for a wider range of applications. You don’t need to worry about combi ripping when feeding it through tight spaces such as crawlspaces, basements, lofts and through chimneys.

While combi ducting muffles the sound of fans and airflow better than standard reflective, if the acoustic performance of your ventilation is important to you, consider Assassin Acoustic Ducting, which has 3 layers and has been purpose built to attenuate the sound of fans and airflow.

Can be used on your intake or outtake

Please note: Quantities of 2 or higher will be sent in 10m sections


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