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AutoPot AQUAvalve 5

AutoPot AQUAvalve 5

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  • 66% larger, 9 mm diameter inlet for improved irrigation
  • Lower chance of blockage and faster filling
  • Totally automatic, on demand feed and watering system
  • Fits any existing AutoPot 1-pot tray and lid

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What is the AutoPot AQUAvalve 5?

The AQUAvalve 5 replaces the older, pre-August 2020 AQUAvalve that has 6 mm pipe and fittings. AQUAvalve 5 is a power-free irrigation system that fits in any existing AutoPot 1-pot tray and lid. It provides a 66% larger, 9 mm diameter inlet for improved irrigation, lower chance of blockage and faster filling.

The AQUAvalve 5 works to control the flow of nutrient solution from the reservoir to the pot using gravity. The float valve system controls when the reservoir is refilled. This completely automatic demand system only fills when the available water/nutrient solution is depleted. The float valve system repeatedly fills the pot to a set 20 mm depth.

Your plants control when they want more water and feed, the valve will only allow nutrient to flow, filling the pot's reservoir, once the float valve drops to open the inlet. The Autopot AQUAvalve 5, simulates a natural wet and dry cycle that mimics nature. This natural cycle helps to maximise your plants potential.


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