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Bamboo Support Stick

Bamboo Support Stick

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  • Traditional training technique.
  • Keeps your tall and bendy plants upright.
  • Strong, lightweight and durable.
  • Used for years by everyone from amateur gardeners to professional horticulturists.
  • All stakes are at least 120cm
  • Priced per cane or a 25 pack

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Bamboo is an extremely straight and fast growing plant. The woody stems are sustainably harvested to provide an ecologically friendly solution to plant training. These bamboo Canes do not contain plastic or metal.

To use these supports, you can either attach them to your pots on the outside, using some string to prevent the root zone from being disturbed, or gently but firmly push them into the medium inside the pot. You then can attach the plant to these stakes with twist ties, cable ties or string.

Proper training of a plant allows more growing tips to fill out, since more light can penetrate the lower sections that may normally receive reduced levels of light. This maximises the yield for the environment, as the crop will be uniform.

As well as single sticks in pots, bamboo canes can be used to create a frame around plants, which can then act as a sturdy structure to attach other plant training products to, like our pea and bean netting. When net and canes are used in conjunction, it leads to a lot less sagging than when nets are used on their own.

A number of growers in tents use these bamboo sticks to prevent the negative pressure sucking the sides of the tent in, maximising their area for healthy plant growth.

Bamboo canes can be reused but we recommend cleaning them in between cycles. If the canes have sat in pots for a long time, the portion that has been underneath may start to rot - showing you it's time to change the cane.


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