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Barbed Inline Water Filter

Barbed Inline Water Filter

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  • Avoid clogging of your system
  • Eradicate imperfections in the water supply before they impact your results


One of the main problems that gardeners find when using an irrigation system such as drip lines is that the system can get clogged. The Barbed Inline Water Filter can help protect your system and prevent clogging. The filter is designed to take out any imperfections that are in the water supply. If your system does get clogged and stops clean water getting through to your plants then you could have major growth problems. Using an effective filter will ensure you don't have this type of problem. You need a good and clean supply of water to get through to your growing areas for maximum benefit. It's always worth looking at ways to protect your watering system and therefore your crops, so the prevention of clogging with the appropriate filter is something that is key to you getting good growth.

  • Filters water, ensuring your plants get the cleanest source possible.
  • Prevents clogging in your pipework.
  • Helps ensure a healthy yield.
  • Specifications

    Cable Length 2.5M

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