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Bio Green – Garlic

Bio Green – Garlic

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  • Natural vegetable protection product based on garlic.
  • Wide acting active ingredients
  • Can be used as a preventative or treatment
  • Works on pathogenic fungi (mould and mildew like botrytis)
  • Also is wide-acting against various insects
  • 100% natural, organic and biological
  • Can be used alongside other pesticides
  • Can be used with all growing methods

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All Natural pest and fungus prevention/treatment

Bio-Greens Garlic Harnesses the active ingredients in garlic (alliin) to deter and treat pests and fungal infections in your favourite plants with a safe, natural active ingredient.

Bio Green Garlic is completely safe for humans, the environment and pets. Garlic’s decomposition compounds are equally safe. Bio Green Garlic leaves no residue, so can be used in all system types without fear of clogging drip lines.

It is wide-acting against various pathogenic fungi and insects, including; mould, mildew, nematodes, snails, beetles and insects such as mites, louse, whitefly and mite. In addition, Bio green Garlic has a general effect of strengthening the plant, so it’s capable of supporting more fruit.

Bio Green are very careful when creating garlic to use an anaerobic environment so the active ingredient, alliin is not exposed to oxygen as it loses its effectiveness since alliin is converted to allicin – which is responsible for the smell of garlic but not effective against bugs and fungus. Peroxide products cause the same oxidation process, so avoid peroxides when using garlic.

How to use Bio Green - Garlic

NOTE: Do not use Bio green - Garlic with hydrogen peroxide as it degrades the active ingredient. It’s also recommended to cease any predator insects if using Bio green - Garlic

Preventative treatment:

Repel Bugs & Fungi

Use at 1ml per litre every irrigation period

Foliar Treatment

Fungi problems

Spray infected plants at 50ml/L

Cover All parts of infected plants

Repeat every 2-3 days until issue is dealt with

Treatment for a range of bug infestations

Add 4ml/L to your nutrient solution and water as you would normally.

Place a fresh sacrificial plant or fresh, non-effected leaf (like some shop-bought lettuce) in the room alongside the effected plants

Next Day, wrap a bag around any sacrificial plant parts and dispose of responsibly

Repeat every 3 – 5 days until issue is dealt with.

Store in a dark, frost-free place.


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