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Biobizz Activera

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  • Can be used throughout a plants lifecycle.
  • Can be used as foliar spray and directly fed into the substrate or reservoir.
  • 100% Vegan.

Activera has been formulated to protect the immune system, enhance metabolism thus increasing the rate of nutrient absorption in all sorts of plants.


Activera has been created with aloe vera extract, developed alongside a combination of ingredients. The Biobizz team conducted rigorous research when testing the different combinations of ingredients, finally creating a product with the perfect balance of additives.


Activera can make plants more strong and healthy by protecting and activating the immune system, increasing metabolism which helps the plant to uptake more nutrients.


Activera can be used on a range of plants, including food crops and ornamental plants, in order to stimulate both growth and bloom. Biobizz recommend a dose of between 2-5ml per litre of water for both foliar feed and basic watering.