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Biobizz Bio Heaven

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  • Energy booster – Increase metabolic processes
  • Encourages healthy growth and boosts plant immunity
  • Repairs chlorophyll and improves moisture retention and respiration
  • Accelerated and increased nutrient uptake
  • Achieve higher yields at harvest

Make sure your plants are in Bio·Heaven™ with this 100% organic biological energy-booster.

Bio·Heaven™ acts as a catalyst to ncrease the plants metabolic processes, increasing growth rates. It’s also a ‘detox’ for your plants, ridding them of toxins and repairing the plant’s ability to effectively produce chlorophyll.

Bio-Heven increases plant uptake due to the added humus – This naturally chelates elements for easier uptake. Mineral uptake in soild can be as low as 5-10% but chelation allows this to increase to 90%! This chelation effect isn’t limited to soil and coco either, benefits can be seen in pure hydro techniques as well!

Used during the entire growing and flowering cycle, Bio·Heaven™ is easy to use and works quickly. Bio Heaven has a low NPK value (0.91 - 0.18 - 0.24) so it won’t affect the profile of your base nutrient – You can add bio heaven to your nutrient solution whatever system you’re using.

Packed full of amino acids – the building blocks of life – proteins and enzymes, it reinforces your plants’ structure and boosts their metabolism, encouraging growth.

Your invigorated plants are better able to retain moisture, minimising the possibility of humidity stress, as well as improving both the quality and yield of your crop.

Bio·Heaven™ can be used in soil planting, substrate, coco and in hydro systems for maximum yield.

How to use Biobizz Heaven

Start using heaven from the second week of vegetative growth

Follow the Biobizz nutrient schedule alongside the rest of the biobizz range

Simply dilute in water and apply throughout the growing cycle for truly heavenly results!

Cease use 2 weeks before harvest

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