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Biobizz Fishmix

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  • Supercharge Growth Rates
  • NPK ratio of 5-1-4, perfect for vegetative growth
  • Feeds beneficial organisms in the soil
  • Healthier, faster growing plants
  • Conditions soil: increased nutrient availability
  • Fully Organic and natural
  • Suitable for all types of soil and coco coir mixes.
  • Easy to use and versatile

It’s not just people who can benefit from the addition of fish in their diet - plants can too!

Fish Mix is a specially formulated infusion of organic fish emulsion blended with Dutch sugar beet for super charged growth rates by catering for both the plants nutritional requirements as well as the beneficial microbes in the substrate.

The included sugars directly feed beneficial fungi and bacteria in the soil, which in turn metabolise elements into plant available forms as well as producing enzymes that condition the soil and help keep the rhizosphere clean and productive.

By feeding fish mix regularly as part of your irrigation, you’re providing micro and macro elements to directly support the growth of plants with the added benefit of supporting beneficial soil flora and fauna.

Healthy microbe populations in organic soil are one of the key factors in unlocking a heavy yield of high quality, good tasting fruit come harvest time. There’s a plethora of different beneficial organisms, with each performing a nuanced function – In general, beneficials work to extend the root systems ‘reach’ for resources, allowing more of the substrate to be actively used – nutrients and moisture are more accessible leading to faster growth and higher stress/ drought resistance.

Some beneficial organisms produce plant growth promoting rhizobacteria’s (PGPR’s) which have profound helpful effect on the growth traits of plants, signalling plants to produce more roots, more flower-sets, earlier development and ripening as well as heavier fruit due to increased density. PGPR’s are a bit like steroids for humans, allowing the plant to perform better under identical environmental conditions. PGPR’s produced by beneficial bacteria have no negative effects, unlike when the compounds are concentrated.

Beneficial’s produce secondary metabolites which plants can uptake much more easily than complex compounds- beneficial bacteria don’t have stomachs so they release enzymes in order to process nutrients in the substrate. These enzymes break-down complex compounds into simpler, smaller pieces which the plant can uptake via the roots and use to spur healthy new growth!

The Beneficial Microorganisms feed on the included sugars which gives them energy but also breaks down the sugars into plant available forms. This means your plant can recycle these simple sugars, leading to sweeter fruit with a higher Brix content.

Not only does Fish·Mix™ boost growth, but it conditions the soil too, stimulating the production of micro-organisms to create a balanced and healthy eco-system. After only a few feedings, poor quality soil can be transformed, providing plants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth.

If your new to hydroponics or just looking to optimise your current garden, The 100% organic accredited Biobizz range is the perfect line-up to get consistently amazing results without much effort, and no need to worry about heavy metals accumulating as Biobizz have strict policies on the ingredients used. The range is also easy to use as its almost impossible to over-feed in organics.

As well as boosting growth rates for your plants during vegetative development, Fish Mix is ideal as a feed for mother plants, ensuring a long term healthy rhizosphere, keeping your mother producing healthy shoots.

How to use Biobizz - Fish Mix

Can be used indoors or outdoors

Suitable for all types of soil as well as coco coir based mixes.

Use instead of Biobizz Grow as a root drench or as a foliar spray.

Simply dilute according to the biobizz feed schedule and apply.

Fish·Mix™ can be used indoors and outdoors, replenishing tired soil and giving your plants a boost whenever you choose!

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