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10 Ways to Maximise your Flood & Drain

Want bigger, better, stronger crops with healthier roots and a more intense yield than ever before? Our expert guide on improving your flood and drain will maximise your system and minimise your issues! #1. Clean your system It’s so basic but so many people forget that if a system isn’t kept clean, dirt and grime […]

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12 Tips for getting the most out of your AutoPot System!

If you want an easy-to-run and cheaply available Hydroponics system, we can’t recommend the Autopot System enough! Value-for-money wise, they’re a great investment and can output incredible yields if you know the right tips and tricks to making the most of them. Below we outline our 12 top tips for getting the most out of […]

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New to Nutes: A Starter Guide

So you’ve got your hydroponics setup, selected your lighting and picked your plants. Good on you! But now you’re wondering, “But what do I feed my plants?” Luckily for you, we have a handy and helpful guide that’ll help you get to grips with nutrients. Nutrients, as we’ve discussed in earlier articles, are the bread and […]

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How to Stop Root Rot

What is root rot? Anyone who’s had any sort of gardening experience has dealt with the dreaded root rot. Root Rot is a very literal term, meaning when the roots of a plant begin to rot. The reason this happens is very simple: over-watering. In Hydroponics this is a much bigger issue than in traditional […]

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A History of Hydroponics

Ancient Hydroponics The word Hydroponics can be broken down into the Green ‘Hydro’, meaning Water, and ‘Ponics’ meaning ‘To work’. A literal translation of the term means ‘Water-working’ which implies the action of using water to facilitate nearly all functions. In the modern day, we use Hydroponics as a term to describe the action of water […]

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Starting Hydroponics? No worries! We’ve got you covered!

Starting hydroponics is a daunting world, especially to a newbie. There are so many aspects to think about from your crop type, to your nutrients to your setup. This can be especially hard to get into when you’ve got no solid source of information. It’s like there is no guidance to take you along this […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be gardening with Hydroponics in 2018

Hydroponics has become more and more popular in recent years, but why is it so popular? Our article breaks down the top ten reasons why you should be using Hydroponics in 2018. 1. It’s great exercise Want a buff body but not getting the results you want in the gym? Studies by the University of Scranton in […]

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Why choose Dutch Pro nutrients?

The Dutch Pro team have solidified themselves as industry leaders of nutrients for both hydroponic and soil based Feeds. They have been manufacturing nutrients from Hollands capital city, Amsterdam for the last 30 years, providing their customers with everything they need to produce amazing results every cycle! Dutch Pro has specifically tailored their nutrient lines […]

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End your battle with spider mites forever

As the summer gets going into full swing and the temperature increases, we’re finding that more and more customers are suffering from pest problems such as spider mites. Fortunately, there are several products available to combat the problem. Identification Garden pests like spider mites are tiny, and may go un-noticed until they’ve taken hold. Use […]

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Coping With Summer Temperatures

The summer heatwave will soon be upon us! The heat of summer poses serious risks to indoor growers, as temperatures increase and our equipment heats the environment further, plants start to suffer. Some gardeners cease their activites during the hottest months but with some simple changes to their set-up, they can easily avoid this down-time. […]

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