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Bluelab Truncheon AA Battery

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  • Maintain the accuracy of your truncheon
  • Keep spares so you can take measurements whenever required
  • Excellent lifespan

These AA batteries are a replacement for the batteries used in the Bluelab truncheon.

You should replace the batteries in your truncheon before they run out as the accuracy of readings may decrease as the batteries run out. Electrical conductivity (EC) measurements are taken by running an electrical current through the water between two electrodes, the more dissolved nutrients in the water, the more easily the current can pass between the electrodes. When the batteries are depleted, the electric can’t pass through the solution as easily leading to lower EC readings on the meter compared to the actual EC.

How to Use:

Remove the old batteries, cleaning the compartment if any battery acid or corrosion is seen on the old batteries. Replace the batteries with 3 new ones. Do not mix old and new batteries, use the same type of battery and make sure you place them in the correct orientation.

More Information
Brand Bluelab
Size Buddhas Tree Coco A+B 10L