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Atami B'Cuzz B'Ounce Coco Pot - 11 Litre

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  • Eco-friendly design in which your plants will flourish
  • Optimal moisture and aeration ratio
  • Pot made from lightproof sheeting
  • Coco is an ideal growing environment for all kinds of plants
  • Fresh water washed and pre-buffered
  • Easy to transport

Need a disposable growing solution?? Look no further than our Atami B'ounce Potz – 11 Litre!!

The 11 litre disposable pot is an eco-friendly design in which your plants will flourish. The container is made from lightproof sheeting, protecting your roots throughout the growing period.

Inside the pot is 11 litres of top quality Coco Coir, consisting of 50% Coco Pith and 50% Coco Bark, an environmentally friendly, sustainably harvested growing medium made from Coconut Husks.

The coarser Coco Bark aids drainage and aeration, ensuring the Coco does not become water-logged so roots have constant access to Oxygen for strong development.

Coco Pith (fibres and granules) retain moisture due to their structure providing the required nutrient solution to plant roots through natural wicking throughout the substrate.

With a natural pH of 5.8, Low EC Value and excellent water retention, Coco is an ideal growing environment for all kinds of plants.

Fits in Wilma Systems and can be used alongside Flora Flex 6" Floracaps.

How to use Atami B'Cuzz B'Ounce pots:

Add 4.5L of water (or nutrient solution) to each pot and leave to stand until the water is absorbed and the coco has expanded.

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Brand Atami
Size Buddhas Tree Coco A+B 10L