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  • Available as single or double delivery system
  • Uniquely constructed trays have been designed to enable roots to search out the nutrients


If it's flexibility you're looking with a simple hydroponics system, matched with fantastic results, take a look at a Bubblebox setup. It's a popular Deep Water Culture technique and provides you with a system that plunges the roots of a plant into a nutrient solution that is highly oxygenated. You position plants in trays, uniquely constructed and designed to allow the plant's roots to hunt for the nutrient. The plant is kept in place by clay pebbles and a drip ring, passing over the top of the roots, feeds it. The exposed roots at the tray's bottom are constantly met by the nutrient solution held in the tank, so you can expect spectacular yields very quickly. The kit is easy to assemble and happy growing times lie ahead!

  • Unique popular DWC technique & system.
  • Produces spectacular yields.
  • Designed to allow roots to search out nutrients easily.
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