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Canna Aqua Vega A&B

Canna Aqua Vega A&B

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  • Aqua Vega is easy to use and dissolves directly. Aqua Vega nutrition contains pH-stabilizers, so there is no need to adjust the pH
  • Aqua Vega ensures a strong plant with vital growth spurts and excessive root development
  • Directly absorbable nitrogen compounds, high quality EDDHA iron chelating agents and trace elements guarantee an ideal start for the bloom


The growing phase is when your plants lay the foundations for a productive bloom and yield. But vital growth spurts and extensive root development only happen with the right balance of nutrients. With Canna Aqua Vega you’ll achieve exactly that. Its unique formula, designed for recirculating hydroponic systems such as ebb and flow and NFT, dissolves directly to the plant’s roots, delivering nitrogen compounds and high quality EDDHA iron chelating agents and trace elements. Aqua Vega is simple to use too. Thanks to the inclusion of pH stabilisers there’s no need for you to adjust the pH once it’s been set – all of which adds up to healthy plants and an exuberant bloom.


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