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Canna Terra Flores

Canna Terra Flores

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  • Terra Flores is easy to use and dissolves directly
  • Terra Flores prevents the binding of nutritional ions. The availability and composition of nutrients play a crucial role during the plant’s flowering phase
  • Terra Flores is excellent in stimulating the fruit formation and contains all the nutrients that the flowers need during the flowering phase


For inexperienced growers peat-based potting mixes are a great place to begin. But ensuring that your plants get the right balance of nutrients during the vital flowering phase isn’t so easy. Thankfully, Canna Terra Flores is here to guarantee that your plants get all the nutrients they need to stimulate fruit formation and achieve some show-winning, impressive flowering! This specially designed formula is simple to use, easily absorbed and contains a blend of high graded nutrients and chelated trace elements. Terra Flores also prevents the binding of nutritional ions, ensuring that all the nutrients are completely available for the plant – resulting in strong, healthy plants with fruit that’s full of flavour. For great results both indoors and out use Canna Terra Flores.


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