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Canna Trace Elements 1L

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  • Consists of several trace elements that are essential for the development of your plants.
  • TRACE MIX is a mineral fertiliser, which is extremely suitable as a supplementary nutrient to stimulate the growth and bloom of plants.
  • It can serve to reduce the deficiency of trace elements

Mononutrients are essential to the healthy development of your plants. That is why we have developed a range of pure liquid minerals that get the results you want by delivering the nutrients your plants crave. Canna’s Trace Mix contains a blend of essential trace elements – all of which are used for a number of enzyme systems, directly influencing the health and vitality of your plants, helping to stimulate growth and encourage a bloom you’ll be proud of while at the same time helping to reduce any trace element deficiency. Like all of our mononutrients Canna’s Trace Mix is easily soluble so your plants can absorb it directly; use alongside our main nutrients for the best results.

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Brand Canna
Size 1 Litre