Charles Austen ET80 Service Kit

Charles Austen ET80 Service Kit

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  • Comes with x2 Replacement Diaphragms
  • x1 Magnet Shuttle
  • x1 Replacement Filter


The Charles Austen range of pumps and compressors are used with both air and liquid, and useful for everything from fishponds to home growing systems. The ET80 Blower, for example, has an energy efficient motor and low consumption of power, making it ideal as a part of developing a green technology system. The ET80 Service Kit has everything you need should there be an issue when it’s time for your annual ET80 checkup. Expect to find two spare diaphragms, one magnet and an air filter. As there are no wearing parts, nothing else should be required and you can easily perform the service yourself. You can use the ET80 Blower either intermittently or on a continuous cycle. It’s particularly quiet and entirely weatherproof.

  • Allows you to easily fix any issues you may have with your ET80 system.
  • Comes complete with two spare diaphragms, one magnet and an air filter.
  • Weatherproof and near-silent.
  • Specifications

    Cable Length 2.5M
    Weight for Delivery 0.3

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