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Control Freak 5A Single Fan Controller

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  • Automatic intelligent fan control
  • Precision; User can set room to +/- 1°C
  • Simple to use; Plug and play
  • Suitable for use with all sizes of fan

Precise, Intelligent, Automatic Fan Control.

With its sleek design that won’t intrude on your garden, the Single fan controller from Control Freak is easy to use and really aids in your yield and quality through stabilising your environment and reducing temperature swings.

To maintain tighter temperatures, adding thermostatic control for more a consistent grow room environment, add a 3-metre Control Freak temperature probe.

The unit has 50 discrete speed settings for fans resulting in accurate, precise control with quieter operation. The unit automatically senses the temperature of the room and adjusts the fan speed accordingly; maintaining your user-set temperature.

The Fan controller can cope with up to 5A of load which is more than enough for most fans, including the largest RVK’s, so whatever Fan you’re using in your system, this controller will work perfectly.

  • Temperature controlled (when used with temperature probe)
  • Easy to set – Just dial in temperature and minimum fan speed
  • Fan operates between min and max settings to maintain temperature
  • ’Fansync’ software maintains the room temperature through constant precision fan speed control
  • Smooth fan speed control for accurate and quieter running
  • Highly accurate temperature adjustment of +/- 1°C
  • High power capacity, will handle fans of most sizes
  • Extends the life of the fan since it doesn't have to work as hard

How to use:

You can plug multiple fans into the controller by using a 4-way extension lead. When configured like this your intake and extraction will ramp up or down at the same time. If 2 fans of the same size are used it will not be balanced, so the intake must be a smaller diameter than the extraction.

This Fan controller is only thermostatically controlled when used with the control freak temperature probe

To use without probe:

1. Plug the fan into the controller and the controller into the wall socket

2. Set your fan speed with the dial and turn the wall socket on

To use with probe: (thermostatic control)

1. Plug the temperature probe into the top of the fan control unit and hang the probe at roughly the level of your plant canopy. Avoid putting the probe directly under lighting or directly in the airflow from fans

2. Set the desired temperature and minimum fan speed

3. Plug the fan into the controller and the controller into a plug socket

4. Turn on the power to the unit and its intelligent on-board electronics will scan the room and automatically adjust the fan speed to reach your desired temperature