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from £49.95

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Cultilab Dual Purpose 75 x 75 Grow Tent

Cultilab Dual Purpose 75 x 75 Grow Tent

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  • 2 heights available: 130cm and 160cm
  • Multipurpose: Lay it down or stand it up
  • Supplied with 1 catchment tray
  • Perfect for use as a propagation tent when laid down
  • Perfect to house a mother plant or a couple of annuals when stood up

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Multipurpose Grow tent; You can use it for propagation, to keep your mother plants in or even house 1 or 2 plants throughout a whole cycle.

This tent is perfect for those looking to expand without much free space – you’ll be able to fit this tent in areas a normal 2m tall tent wouldn’t go. The footprint of the tent is 75 x 75, so it can comfortably go anywhere it’s needed, even in most closets! You should always double check measurements: measure your available space and purchase a tent that can fit.

When laid down, both tent sizes are perfect for propagation. you can fit a 4ft 4-tube lightwave in both tents, which will provide enough light to get fresh cuttings to root, or provide enough light to bring on plants before you vegetate them under HID.

As a propagator, The 75 x 75 x 130 will fit 3 Root it! propagators , 6 Small Stewart propagators or 2 Large Stewart propagators

The 75 x 75 x 160 will fit 4 Root It propagators , 8 Small Stewart propagators or 3 Large Stewart propagators

When stood up, the 130 and 160cm tall versions will work well with a single 315w CMH such as a Focus Connect Kit which will help to promote tight internodal spacing, meaning your cuttings will get a great start to life. Other options include a 300w Pro Star CFL

Cultilab Features:

In either configuration, there’s plenty of passive vents to allow adequate airflow to your plants. When stood up, there's 2 passive vents at the bottom of the tent, when laid down there’s a vent either side.

On top of the fact this tent is dual purpose, it’s got several other features, normally found on premium ranges of tents including:

Dimpled Mylar Interior: Highly reflective mylar ensures most of your light produced is bounced back onto plant surfaces while reducing hotspots.

Oversized Double Drawstring ports:Easy to pass ducting through, even if it’s acoustic! The 2 drawstrings on each port ensure no light-leaks. There’s 3 x 200mm ducting ports, allowing for both an intake and extraction fan to be used if required.

Fully Welded Metal Corner Pieces:Our competitors budget range has plastic corner pieces; metal ones provide the tent with much more strength.

Double stitched seams and light proof material:The canvas outer on the tent is abrasion and rip resistant while the double stitches ensure a long service life and less wear and tear over time.

How to use:

Full assembly instructions are included with the tent.


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