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CultiLab 60 x 40 x 60cm Propagation Grow Tent Kit

CultiLab 60 x 40 x 60cm Propagation Grow Tent Kit

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  • Everything you need for a perfect start.
  • Cheaper than buying everything seperately.
  • Provides the perfect environment for producing strong roots.

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We think building a strong foundation for your plants is key to success come harvest time so we’ve put this kit together for you to get high strike rates and start your plants in the strongest way possible.

For a limited time, every propagation kit sold will be supplied with a free 10g sachet of Ecothrive Biosys get yours before stock runs out!

The kit also saves you money compared with if you bought all the items separately, so not only are you getting a kit that starts stunning plants but you’re getting a bargain at the same time.

You’re safe in the knowledge all the equipment will work together to provide a fully enclosed, humid and properly lit grow space, giving your babies the best start possible.

As well as the reduced initial outlay of this kit, it will also be extremely cheap to run, using only 48w of power – costing less than 15p to keep it running for 18 hrs a day.

We have a range of complete grow tents available, so have a look at our Kits page for all the other options if you’ve got more space available – You could even purchase several kits and use them in conjunction allowing you to have separate propagation, vegetative and flowering spaces.

Kit Contents:

CultiLab 60 x 40 x 60cm Propagation Tent

LightWave T5 2-tube, 2ft unit (48w draw)

Aquaking 2L Sprayer

Root it Propagator

SBS 77 Tray (Large Propagation Cubes)

50ml Clonex Rooting Hormone

Hydrotops Root Stimulator 1L

Hydrotops Head Start 1L

Sterile Scalpel

5 x Cable Ties

You’ll be able to start propagating your favourite plant immediately, with the highest possible chance of success.

We’ve even included head start from Hydrotops that’s specifically formulated for the needs of young plants – It will help the plants spring roots faster than a standard ‘grow’ nutrient.

There’s also a root booster in the form of Hydrotops root stimulator which provides amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and fluvic/humic acids which work together to provide everything needed for healthy vigorous growth below ground which will soon show luscious green growth above too!.

How to Use:

Set up your Tent according to the enclosed instructions – this size of tent is much easier to set up than the larger 2m tall tents.

You should soak your rockwool cubes in a weak (1/2 strength) solution of Hydrotops Headstart for 24 hrs to stabilise the pH of the rockwool and provide some nutrition for your young plants – when you take them out of the solution make sure you flick or shake excess water off it and do not squeeze them as this can affect the structure of the rockwool, reducing its carrying capacity.

Clonex has full enclosed instructions on how to successfully take hardwood cuttings – this will be successful on most annual types of plants, some woody types may prove harder to successfully root. The sterile scalpel will allow you to make clean cuts, reducing the likelihood of transmitting disease.

The Root it Propagator and 2L spray bottle will enable you to maintain a moist and humid environment, perfect for sprouting roots – we recommend misting daily for the first week after taking cuttings as they have a limited ability for up-taking water.

Whether you’re in soil, coco, or a hydroponic system, starting your plants off in this way will give plants the strongest possible start to life whilst also allowing for versatility as rooted plants in 77 sbs rockwool cubes can go into any type of system and flourish.


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