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Cultilab XL 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m LED Grow tent Kit

Cultilab XL 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m LED Grow tent Kit

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  • Complete LED Grow tent kit
  • Efficient lighting; high PAR output
  • Cooler running – keep growing through summer
  • High quality flower sets – better smell, taste and colours
  • Perfect for mothers or up to 4 plants


Complete 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m LED Grow tent kit.

LEDs are making waves within the horticultural community, they are the most efficient plant lighting available with the longest lifespan of any lamp. The precise spectrum the fixture emits can be tailored to match specific growth traits with the flick of a switch! No more changing lamps at the onset of flower. The best LED units have a rounded, full spectrum and are suited for light loving fruiting annuals. The hacienda H-9 Grow light is perfectly suited to a footprint of 120cm x 120cm.

This LED tent kit is made for hobbyists looking to bring their medium sized garden’s produce to the next level.

LED lighting has several benefits over traditional HID:

Cooler running: Extraction systems won’t have to work as hard to dispose of the heat from HID lamps, meaning you don’t have to run your extraction on 100% to maintain optimum temperatures. You can also use LEDs when temperatures soar in summertime heatwaves.

Continuously dimmable: Produce the exact amount of light required to match your plant’s stage and size – you can always dim or turn off modules that are not needed during that stage of growth.

Plants reach their full genetic potential: with LED’s, Plants tend to be more flavourful, smell stronger and produce more contrasting colours in flowers and fruit.

Remove the worry and hassle of calculating your lighting and ventilation requirements for your space; This kit contains everything you need to erect a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m enclosed growing environment that is properly ventilated, properly lit dedicated space that can get excellent results year-round!

We have a range of complete grow tents available, so have a look at our Kits page for all the other options if you’ve got the space available – You could even purchase several kits and use them in conjunction allowing you to have separate vegetative and flowering spaces so you can keep a perpetual garden, where plants are constantly in flower.

We've used quality components to assemble this kit and it’s cheaper as a kit than if you bought the items separately. The kit is easy to use, reliable and gives impressive results!

Kit Includes

Cultilab grow tent 120cm x 120cm x 200cm

Cultilab 100cm x 100cm x 180cm : The 1.2m2 cultilab is our most popular choice for hobbyists.

Grow Light Kit

Hacienda H-16 - 600w HPS equivalent - Actual draw: 480w: Perfect for a 120 x 120cm footprint, the h-16 Hacienda is equivalent to a 600w traditional HPS with none of the drawbacks such as heat whilst providing a much more rounded spectrum. LED are also much cheaper to run in terms of electrical costs, so you recover the slightly higher initial purchasing costs over time with reduced power bills.

Extraction system

A 125mm RVK extractor fan : RVK fans are workhorses of the grow room, reliably and consistently drawing stale air through your carbon filter.

*Please note that across the industry RVK Fans are not supplied with a UK plug or cable. If you do require a 3-pin plug & 3-core cable, please find it in the related products below, or get yours here.

Assassin Carbon Filter 125 x 300mm Assassin Filters Silently eliminate smells from your grow room!

5m Combi ducting 125mm Combi ducting is more rugged and has a slightly better acoustic performance than standard reflective ducting.

Grow Kit Included Extras

Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer

3 x Jubilee Clip 125mm

2 x Optilux Rachet Hanger pairs

How to Use:

Complete set-up instructions are included with the kit.

Please Note: In the event of stock shortages, alternative brands matching the same specification will be provided.


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