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Deadfast Rat Killer Bait Station

Deadfast Rat Killer Bait Station

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  • Required by law when home baiting
  • Contains all weather bait blocks
  • Protects bait from non-target animals, children and pets
  • Two position options for easy setting
  • For use indoors (mice and rats) and outdoors around buildings (rats only)
  • Use with Deadfast Bait Blocks

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What is Deadfast Rat Killer Bait Station?

If you have a Rat or Mouse infestation, now is the time to call on Deadfast Rat Killer Bait Station. The bait stations get to work as soon as you put them out and kill within 24 hours after rodents consume the poison. A single dose is lethal to all rodents.

These hardy plastic bait stations are required by law, if you plan on using poisons at home for rat and mouse infestations.

Deadfast Rat Killer Bait Stations are a tamper resistant station containing ready to use bait blocks. The design lends itself to positioning next to walls, where rodents like to move. The bait is stable in dusty and high moisture conditions. The blocks are safely secured inside the bait stations providing protection for children, pets and non-target animals.

The bait stations are easy to store, handle and use. For refills, use Deadfast Mouse and Rat Killer Plus Blocks. If you are looking to fight off a mouse infestation, you can choose the smaller Deadfast Mouse Killer Bait Stations with the same bait blocks.

The bait blocks contain 0.025g/kg Difethialone, the most innovative anticoagulant in the biocidal market, with no known resistance in rodents. Developed to be effective as low as only 25ppm, it ensures that rodents consume a lethal dose the first time.

The bait blocks are stable at a wide temperature range (-15° to +50°C) and are simple to spike or rod (vertically or horizontally apply the bait) and replace.

How Do I Use Deadfast Rat Killer Bait Station?

Bait stations, like Deadfast Rat Killer Bait Station are required by law for poison baiting. Intended for indoor use against Rats & Mice and outside against Rats.

Before use, refer to the user instructions for application rate advice and apply depending on your infestation requirements. The how to rod the bait station instructions cover baiting methods.

General Deadfast Rat Killer Bait Station Advice

Before using bait, remove all readily available food, such as spilled grain or food waste. Apart from this, do not clean or disturb the affected area before treatment. This will only act to disturb the rodents and make acceptance of bait less likely.

While using the bait, visit bait stations after application to:

  • Check bait acceptance
  • Remove dead rodents
  • Re-fill bait when necessary

Always wear disposable gloves when installing or recovering any traps. Keep baits away from children, pets and non-target animals. It is an offence to place the trap in a location which may endanger wild birds or other protected species.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I dispose of dead rodents?

A: Wearing suitable gloves, remove the dead rodents and place them in a double bag. Put this bag into a secure household refuse bin.

Safety and Environmental Information

WARNING: May cause damage to Organs through prolonged or repeated Exposure. Harmful to Aquatic Life with Long Lasting Effects.

Store in a cool dark place away from children and pets. Always wear gloves and never eat drink or smoke when handling this product. Wash hands immediately after use. Take necessary

Contains 0.025g/kg Difethialone

Have product container or label when obtaining treatment advice. In case of emergency call a local poison control centre or doctor immediately for treatment advice.

Direct or in-direct adverse effects:

  • Effects result from the increased tendency to bleed.

In less severe poisoning:

  • Bruising easily with occasion nose or gum bleeds, Appearance of blood in stools, Excessive bleeding from minor cuts or abrasions.

Poisoning symptoms Clinical symptoms:

  • nosebleed, gum bleed, spitting blood, multiple or large haematoma, generally sudden appearance of an unusual visceral pain.

Biological symptoms:

  • blood in the urine, increase in coagulation time.
  • In cases of suspected exposure, medical assistance should be sought immediately.

Note that poisoning symptoms may develop over the course of several days.

If on Skin:

  • Remove contaminated clothing and launder before re-use
  • Rinse skin immediately with soap and water
  • Monitor for symptoms described above

If in Eyes:

  • Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes
  • Remove contact lenses if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing the eye Monitor for symptoms described above

If Swallowed:

  • Wash out mouth with plenty of water Seek medical advice immediately and show container/label
  • Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by the poison centre or doctor
  • Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person


  • Dispose of contents and container according to local regulations. Contact your local council for details.


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