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Analogue Humidistat For HR15/HR50

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  • Compatible with HR15, HR50 & CEZIO
One of the most important environmental parameters to control when growing plants and flowers is humidity. Managing and monitoring environmental factors leads to plants that are stronger, healthier and give better yields. This Digital Humidistat is remarkably easy to set up and use. It has 2 outputs: the first output controls either a HR15 or HR50 humidifier or a dehumidifier. The second output controls a heater or air conditioning unit. The HR DHTC is a superb environmental controller and is ideal for maintaining a perfect climate for your plants. The HR DHTC controls and adjusts itself to the growing room environment, letting you focus on other areas of your grow room.

  • Easy to use - 2 Outputs: HR15 or HR50 Humidifier/Dehumidifier.
  • Control your environment with precise control.
  • Adjusts itself to the growing room environment.
  • More Information
    Brand Faran
    Control Method On/Off Control
    Humid Measurement 0%-100%
    Input (V) AC220 50/60Hz
    Input Humid Sensor HM(2%)
    Input Temp Sensor NTC(5KΩ 25℃)
    Output Control Relay 220VAC
    Temp Measurement -50c - 99.9c
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