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Dimlux Expert Series 1000w 400v DE EL UHF

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  • Complete 1000w double ended fixture
  • Available as a standard reflector or with nanotube
  • Shipped with alpha 98 reflector, Dimlux bulb and ballast
  • 7 dim options: 600-1200 Watt
  • 1000W 400V Philips EL UHF DE lamp
  • All Dimlux units are compatible with the Maxi controller
  • Available as a standard or nanotube version

DimLux Expert Series 1000W DE EL UHF complete Grow Light Fixture is a 400v HPS light that’s got a great output of around 2.1μmol per watt – producing much more light per watt of electrical power than traditional 230-240v systems. If you’re looking to bring your garden to the next level, Dimlux 1000w units will help create a more light-intense environment which will increase yields.

The light comes complete with; The Alpha Optics reflector, an Xtreme ballast and a Dimlux 1000w DE bulb. The Alpha Optics 98 is designed according to the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle and is equipped with Miro Silver mirrors. As a result, the highest possible efficiency (98%) of all available horticulture reflectors on the market. The reflector is easy to swap out if you need to change the footprint of light the fixture puts out. We recommend changing your reflector once every year to maintain the high efficiency of this reflector.

The fixture has even got adjustable side reflectors for better overlap when multiple lights are used, this enables you to minimise wall losses and maximise the light delivered to the canopy of your plants. Due to the open design of the reflector the lamp is passively cooled which is a benefit for the life, efficiency and output of the lamp.

There’s also a 50mm socket on the standard reflector which can be used to significantly reduce the room temperature by actively extracting the air from around the bulb – Nanotube Dimlux units have two 50mm ports that can actively air-cool and vent hot air away from the bulb, prolonging it’s life. With Nanotube fixtures, the air doesn’t even have to go into the room as you can cycle clean air through the unit, without risk of contaminating the air with grow room smells.

By using a Nanotube the air can be extracted in parallel from the fixture, the lamp will always maintain the ideal temperature to maximise efficiency and life span.

If you’re using these fixtures with Dimlux Maxi Controllers, you’ll need as many dimlux interlink cables as fixtures so you can connect them all to the controller when Dimlux fixtures are connected to the controller.