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Dimlux Expert Series 600w 400v EL UHF

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  • Complete Dimlux Expert 600w EL UHF Fixture
  • 7 dim levels: 300 – 720w output
  • 54.4cm x 27cm x 13cm deep
  • Supplied with a Philips Greenpower 600W 400V HPS EL UHF lamp
  • Compatible with Dimlux Maxi Controller
  • Also available as a nanotube version
  • 1.9 µmol per Watt
  • Ideal for a 1.2m2 footprint

The Dimlux 400v 600w EL UHF HPS Grow Light fixture is a premium high frequency light that will markedly improve results in terms of quantity, thanks to the higher efficiencies of all the components.

400v lighting systems operate at a higher frequency than traditional 230/240v solutions, allowing more photons to be delivered to plants in a given timeframe.

The Philips Greenpower lamp has the reliability we all associate with Philips manufactured goods, as well as an efficient, high output that has a spectrum high in reds to facilitate heavy fruit sets.

The Xtreme Ballast has 7 dim levels, so you can run the bulb at set intervals between 300 – 720w. The ballast is mounted to the reflector, so the light fixture is easy to install or take down as its all-in-one, so a pair of hangars is all that’s needed for the entire fixture.

The Alpha Optics 98 has been developed with miro silver aluminium, boasting the highest reflectivity of any shade in the horticultural market at a remarkable 98%, meaning almost all the light produced by the lamp is reflected down onto your plant’s canopy where the photons can be utilised in the photosynthetic process. The more light you can deliver to your plants, the higher yields will be if there are no other limiting factors.

The Dimlux 600w 400v EL UHF standard unit comes with a 50mm port on the reflector that allows you to actively extract the hot air away from the bulb before it gets a chance to heat up your grow space, leading to lower temperatures in your garden. This can be extremely helpful during summertime heatwaves as it will allow your garden to be maintained within optimal ranges.

The Nanotube version comes with 2 x 50mm ports, so air can be passed through the unit on an intake and outtake allowing for air-cooling of the nanotube fixtures. With a nanotube, the air doesn’t even have to pass through your grow room so there’s no need to filter the air that will be used for cooling!

All Dimlux units can be powered via a Dimlux Maxi controller, allowing the control of up to 160 Dimlux units at once.

You can find like for like replacement bulbs here, make sure you get the 400v version to use with the Dimlux Xtreme ballast.

How to Use

These units come with a 2m interlink cable for use with the maxi controller, if you want to use several expert series dimlux units at once with the maxi controller, you’ll need as many interlink cables as light fixtures to connect them all up.