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Dimlux Expert Series 630w Full Spectrum CMH

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  • Complete Dimlux fixture with Xtreme ballast
  • Alpha optics reflector has highest performance on the market
  • 7 Dim Levels: 320 - 760 Watt
  • Ultra High Frequency - UHF - 400v
  • 2 x Dimlux 3k 315w Agro bulbs
  • Easily adjustable side reflectors
  • 6.2kg - 675 x 275 x 130mm
  • Low profile fixture - make the most of your space

The DimLux Expert Series Complete Full Spectrum Lighting Kits feature the Alpha Optics reflector which is replaceable and designed according to the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle.

diagram showing how the light is bounced

They also come equipped with Miro Silver mirrors and so the highest possible efficiency (98%) of all available horticulture reflectors is achieved as a result.

There are additional adjustable side reflectors for better overlap and to minimise wall losses and maximise the amount of photons delivered to the plant canopy.

The lamps are passively cooled thanks to the open design of the reflector, making it much more efficient and beneficial for the longevity and output of the lamp.

The 50mm socket reduces room temperature by actively extracting the air when connected to an inline fan, resulting in these lamps maintaining the ideal temperature so you won't have to combat extra heat within your space and the efficiency and lifespan of the bulb is pushed even higher. The fixtures are rounded off by the Dimlux Xtreme Ballast & DimLux 315w CDM 3k Agro lamp.

Running at 630w, the fixture will provide enough light for a footprint of between 0.84m2 and 2m2

At 760w, the fixture will light a footprint of between 1m2 and 2.4m2

Replacement bulbs can be found here, but you'll only need to replace CMH bulbs once every 2 years to ensure your output stays high.

These 630w CMH fixtures can be used in conjunction with the Dimlux Maxi controller, allowing the control of up to 160 Dimlux units at once.

How to use:

Dimlux 630 units are a perfect standalone lighting option for use with Ceramic metal halide lamps. The CDM's full spectrum is much more balanced and will provide colours that are missing in traditional HID fixtures like blues, greens and UV - increasing quality in terms of flavour and taste.

Only use these bulbs with a ballast designed for powering 315w CDM units - failure to do so may cause the lamp to explode.

When you first switch on your 630w lighting kit, make sure you leave it on for at least 15 minutes to let the mix of metals inside the lamp properly fuse. Failure to properly ‘bed’ your lamp will result in the warranty being voided and could lead to the lamp failing.

If you’re having trouble installing your lamp into the reflector, make sure that it’s around the correct way as one of the ‘leg’ connections is a different shape, preventing the lamp from being installed incorrectly. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to properly install the bulb - make sure you've pushed the legs of the lamp fully into the correct holes before turning.

Make sure you use a clean cloth to hold the bulb when installing it into the reflector - any scratches or residues on the bulb may cause it to shatter and any grease or dirt will reduce the efficiencies.

Due to the partial vaccum between the outer and inner glass shealths, glass may fly if the outer envelope is broken. Discontinue use if the bulb is broken, cracked or scratched. If the outer envelope gets blemished, it may stop filtering harmful UVC rays which could have negative effects on long-term health.