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Dimlux Humidity Sensor

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  • Designed for use with the Dimlux Maxi Controller
  • Five or Ten metre long cable
  • Offers additional protection to your precious plants
The last thing you want when you're developing your hydroponic garden is a problem with the microclimate. For maximum production you should provide the appropriate conditions for your plants to flourish. In addition, you can repel bugs, fungus, algae and disease with the right temperature and humidity. This is where the Dimlux Humidity Sensor for the Dimlux Maxi Controller takes a bow. Humidity is basically how much moisture (water vapour) the air is holding. You need to control the relative humidity (RH) so you get the best growing results in an optimum environment. When you connect the sensor to the Maxi Controller you can then programme it to switch on a humidifier if the atmosphere dictates it. You can initiate the times the mist maker you choose goes on and off, offering additional protection to your precious plants. Keep in control of all your crops at all times.