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DLI Joule Series 1000w DE 120V-240V

DLI Joule Series 1000w DE 120V-240V

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  • Superior light spread, reflection and uniformity
  • Extra low-profile housing
  • Efficient, High PAR output
  • Specifically designed as horticultural lighting
  • 1.2m x 1.8m footprint at 90cm height
  • 2.1μmol per Watt
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty


This isn’t a space ship; it’s the 1000w 400v Grow Light from DLI!

Dutch Lighting Innovations (DLI) 1000w grow fixture represents the latest in HID lighting for Optimal plant performance in an aesthetically pleasing package.

Perfect to illuminate a 1.2 x 1.8m footprint at 90cm, it produces much more of a ‘rectangular’ footprint compared with other 1000w 400v lighting options, which are usually suited to a 1.5 x 1.5m square footprint.

The wide-angle reflector dissipates heat so efficiently, you won’t need as much head room as other 1000w options, allowing you to place the fixture a lot closer to the canopy. The manufacturers have included a clever ‘chimney effect’ into the fixture that allows the heated air to freely flow away from the reflector, moving dirt away from the fixture in the process.

Compatible with any power supply in the range of 120v – 240v, the onboard electronics convert the incoming mains supply to 400v, producing many more photons per second than traditional HID lighting. The unit produces 2100 umols per second, demonstrating its high efficiency which will help you get the high yields of quality fruit you’re after.

The Fixture is shipped with DLI’s 1000w DE Horticultural Plus HPS Lamp which has been specifically designed for horticulture. They’ve enhanced the spectrum with blues and reds to encourage proliferate growth through all stages. It’s really efficient, producing 2100umols over a longer lifespan thanks to the enhanced gas chemistry inside the lamp. The Horticultural Plus HPS lamp is best suited for flower, while a DE Vegetative Plus MG lamp is best suited for vegetative growth.

DLI HPS Spectrum

The Fixture is shipped with the #Flowersonly reflector, providing uniform distribution of heat and light. When using multiple fixtures, DLI have cleverly designed an ‘Asymmetric reflector’ that provides higher efficiencies of the light your producing as less light is lost to walls.

#flowers only footprint

This 1000w grow light fixture has been designed as a standalone lighting option for those growing indoors, You’ll find you will require less headroom with this light compared with ‘deep dish’ 1000w reflectors which have been designed for supplemental greenhouse applications where they are mounted much higher over a canopy – Trouble is deep dish reflectors store and output a lot of heat. With suitable extraction, you can use these DLI 1000w lights in standard 2m tall tents. If you’re working in a smaller space, we recommend using the DLI CRI-series as standalone lighting.


Kit contains:

1 x DLI Joule 1000w lighting fixture (lamp and ballast are pre-fitted),

1 x wide angle reflector,

1 x 1000w 400v lamp,

1 x 5m power cable with IEC connector,

1 x pair of DLI gloves,

2 x eyelet screws,

2 x RJ12 cables (1.2m and 3.6m – for connecting to the controller),

1 x splitter (for daisy chaining multiple fixtures together)

DLI Joule series technical specification:


571 X 284 X 178mm

22.5 X 11.2 X 7.0 INCH

WEIGHT: 5.4 kg / 11.9 lbs

DIMMING: 600W - 750W - 825W - 1000W - 1150W


TYPICAL CURRENT: 2.5A @ 400V/1000W







How to use the DLI 1000w 400v Grow Light

It’s a complete fixture that just needs to be plugged in to get growing

Can be used with a contactor or the DLM-4 Zone Controller for the ultimate in control

When multiple fixtures are used in medium to large spaces, the reflectors at the end (closest to the walls) should be swapped to an asymmetrical reflector which increases efficiency through less light lost to walls.

Use in conjunction with a DLI CRI-Series fixture for the ultimate in quality.


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