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Dutch Pro Multi Total Range

Dutch Pro Multi Total Range

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  • Improves soil structure
  • Promotes bacterial life
  • Stimulates the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Increases resistance against fungi- and stress
  • Optimal absorption by the plant
  • No residue
  • Suitable for every irrigation system


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Multi Total aid the key processes necessary for turning organic material from dead plant matter into beneficial nutrients. It sparks off significant root growth by improving soil structure in terms of water retention and promotes nutrient producing bacterial life in the substrate. Multi Total also stimulates the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of minerals and micronutrients, which will increase the soil fertility and improves the resistance against fungi and stress situations.


The high-quality components will completely be absorbed and leave no residue behind. Water retention is essential for a plant to grow strong and healthy. It provides an ongoing supply of water to plants between periods of replenishment to sustain their growth and survival.


The better the soil can retain the nutrients, the more nutrients are available for your plant to grow strong and healthy. Multi Total contains multiple micronutrients that support this process. It also supports bacterial life that turns organic material into beneficial nutrients for your plants. Rhizobia is one of these stimulated bacteria that lives within your plants’ roots and turns organic material into nitrogen which is critical for a plant to grow strong and above all remain healthy.


Multi Total also stimulates the cation exchange capacity (CEC), whereby positive charged ions interface with the soil. The higher the CEC, the more cation the soil can attract and the better the soil fertility will be. This with the result that your plants can withdraw more nutrients from the soil which will increase their strength and growth rate.


How to Use

Multi Total Can be used in any system; Hydroponic or soil. It is used every second week throughout the entire cycle until the week before flush.


The first time you use multi total, a dose of 2ml/Litre should be used, which can be lowered to 1ml/Litre thereafter.


Always shake nutrients vigorously before use.


Mix each nutrient into the reservoir in turn. Never mix concentrated nutrients together.


If in doubt, follow the Dutch pro feeding schedule.


If tips of leaves start to show signs of nutrient burn, you should flush the entire system and lower your dose of nutrients.



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