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Dutch Pro PH +

Dutch Pro PH +

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  • Perfect solution to adjust pH Up
  • No harm caused to beneficial organisms
  • Fast working – alters pH in less than 10 secs
  • Can be used in any substrate or system

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What is Dutch Pro pH+ pH Up?

Dutch Pro pH + is a Potassium-Hydroxide solution used to raise the pH of your nutrient solutions. If the pH is too high or too low, nutrients become insoluble and precipitate out. The correct pH is important for your plants health and nutrient uptake. Creating soluble nutrient solutions with the correct pH range of pH 5.8 - 6.5 will grow you the best plants.

This pH+ up formulation has no NPK value so you can be sure that your normal nutrient regime will not be negatively affected.

PH is a key that control’s the plants access to certain nutrients. If optimal pH is not maintained, negative effects may start to creep in, including nutrient deficiencies even if there is plenty in the solution as particular elements can lock out when the ph drifts too much outside of optimal levels.

Correcting the pH is essential for plants to maximise nutrient absorption. The formulation of Dutch Pro·pH+ enables fast pH adjusting of any type of substrate and for any type of crop, without harming the soil microherd.

You should check and adjust the pH to optimal levels for every feed:

PH for Soil Growers: 6.5 at every watering, soil has the capability to buffer the nutrient solution but better results can be gained when you feed your nutrients within optimal levels.

PH for Hydro systems:Between 5 – 6 p.H; it’s a good idea to set your nutrient solution to just above 5 and let it drift up over time, facilitating nutrient uptake right through the optimal p.H Range.

Suitable for use during both growing and flowering phase.

How Do I Use Dutch Pro pH+ pH Up?

Mix your nutrient mix first, including additives – adding your pH correction last.

Dutch Pro pH+ Recommendations

Using Dutch Pro pH+ will help you to provide the correct environment to encourage beneficial microbes and protect your microherd.

Pre-dilute PH adjuster in water first to avoid adding too much concentrate at once.

As with all pH adjusters, never mix up and down together and avoid using ph up and ph down together as it can cause some nutrients to fall out of solution.

Always read the label and follow safety warnings before using.


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