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Dutch Pro Silica - Von Liebig’s Special

Dutch Pro Silica - Von Liebig’s Special

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  • Helps create thicker stems
  • Increases resistance against heat and stress
  • Increases the uptake of nutrients
  • Suitable for every irrigation system
  • Suited for Hydro, Coco & Soil
  • Available in 1-litre and 5-litre bottles

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What is Dutch Pro Silica - Von Liebig’s Special?

Dutchpro Silica - Von Liebig’s Special is highly concentrated and uses nanotechnology to increase your yield by stress training your plants.

The Dutch Pro Silica solution includes 1.7% Mono-Silicic acid Si(OH)₄ (also known as Orthosilicic acid). Silica works to develop better roots and aids faster growth through improved nutrient uptake and promotes stronger, thicker stems. Your plants will have better stress resistance with much lower chance of bacterial and fungal disease.

How Does Dutch Pro Silica - Von Liebig’s Special Work?

Silica works to increases the resistance to stresses like heat and drought, encouraging plants to develop thicker stems. Thicker stems allow faster sap flow resulting in more vital nutrients being moved around your plants vascular system. Your plants will develop visibly bigger, better tasting, sweeter and heavier fruits.

Why Use Dutch Pro Silica - Von Liebig’s Special?

Are you a grower that wants bigger plants with thicker stems and better stress resistance? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then Dutch Pro Silica - Von Liebig’s Special is for you! Our prices are the best available and our service is second to none.

How Do I Use Dutch Pro Silica?

Use Dutch Pro Silica in any hydroponics system with Hydro, Coco or Soil. Dilute at a rate of 0.4 ml per litre from the very start of the vegetative cycle to the very end of the flowering cycle.


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