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Dutch Pro soil bloom (hard) A + B range

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  • Stimulates maximum bloom
  • Increases strength and health throughout the bloom phase
  • EC-levels up to 2.0
  • Suitable for every irrigation system
  • Optimal absorption by the plant
  • No residue 

Complete bloom feed purposely designed for soil. This product has all of the essential macro- and micro growth nutrients necessary that is needed for exuberant bloom. The high-quality components will completely be absorbed and leave no residue behind.


Plants take up essential elements from the air and light, but also from the nutrients in the soil. The roots and leaves of a plant are the major components to take up these elements. It is essential that plants not only get sufficient nutrients, but also in the appropriate ratio. This to prevent nutrient deficiency or toxicity (when a plant get too much nutrients) and to stimulate maximum growth and health.


During the bloom phase a plant is getting ready to pollinate. The photoreceptor proteins within the plant, indicate when to bloom. At that moment the plant starts creating blossoms so pollen can fertilize the female plant. This process costs a plant lots of energy. To stimulate the plant during the bloom phase a right balance of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous is needed. This will make and keep the plant healthy and strong throughout the bloom phase.


Original Bloom Soil/Hard A+B is a perfectly mixed two component nutrient, that contains potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous to stimulate maximum bloom and prevent diseases. Original Bloom Soil/Hard A+B is also optimized to reach EC-levels of 1,8 – 2,0 (it is possible to deviate) to get an even better result!


How to Use

Dutch pro's soil bloom nutrients are delivered as a 2-part feed and should be added in equal parts to the system.

As long as your substrate is soil, these nutrients can be used in an automatic watering system or Manual hand feeding.

Fill up your watering can or reservoir and add each part of the nutrient one at a time whilst mixing thouroughly in between.

Dutch Pro recommend between 2 and 3ml per L. you should start at half the dose and work your way up to the recommended dose.

If plants start to nutrient burn at the tips of the leaves, stop increasing your dose and flush the medium with plenty of plain water.

Never mix concentrated feeds together without first diluting them in water.

Water your plants until a small amount of water runs off, as this will ensure each pot is thouroughly watered.

We recommend waiting until your soil is dry before re-watering. The simplist way to do this is regularly lifting the pots to check the weight, light pots = dry pots.

Maintaining a proper Wet/Dry cycle helps the plant to develop