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Ecothrive Biosys

Ecothrive Biosys

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  • Healthier, faster growing plants the natural way
  • Easy to use
  • (re)populates sterile media
  • Add organic flavour to mineral feed grown plants
  • Available in a range of sizes


Complete microbial solution to promote health of plants

Ecothrive’s biosys is an all-rounder in an instant microbial tea – it’s use will bring several benefits to your garden from stress relief to increasing root mass. Biosys includes a consortium of beneficial micro-organisms, each one bringing a separate benefit – this is the reason biosys is such a powerful product that can bring so many advantages to your garden.

As well as containing many species of micro-organisms, Biosys also contains ingredients to feed the microorganisms, reducing competition between the beneficial microorganisms and reducing the root exudates required to sustain the included microorganisms. The microorganisms form a symbiotic relationship with roots – the roots release a sugary, carbohydrate rich liquid that the microorganisms consume in return for their benefits:

Benefits of biosys:

>There’s a reason Biosys is used by competition growers – it grows champion fruit and veg.

>Enhances growth rates throughout all stages to promote stronger, healthier plants that can yield more come harvest time.

>Simple and easy to use, just add water at the correct dose and add to plants!

>Increase ‘reach’ of roots through hyphae – increase nutrient availability and drought resistance.

>Conditions substrate by breaking down complex organic matter into plant-available nutrients.

>Maintain a healthy rhizosphere with natural balance.

>quickly recover plants when they’ve been subjected to stress.

>Biosys is highly concentrated, so it enables you to quickly (re)populate your substrate with a diverse selection of beneficial organisms

Organisms used include:

8 Species of Endo mycorrhizal fungi: Mycorrhizae is increasingly being used in commercial applications to increase root mass.

8 Species of Bacillus: Bacillus is effective against a broad range of plant pathogens and has been reported as a plant growth promoter, a systemic resistance inducer, and used for production of a broad range of antimicrobial compounds (lipopeptides, antibiotics and enzymes)

2 Species of Nitrogen fixing bacteria: Convert nitrogen in the air into ammonia which is available to be up taken by the plant. Nitrogen fixing bacteria are able to produce a range of plant hormones as well that can aid in root and leaf development.

2 Species of Pseudomonas: Promote plant growth through activation of SARS and out-compete any bad bacteria / fungi.

2 Species of Trichoderma: Establish robust and long-lasting symbiotic relationship with roots. Expect increased crop productivity through better uptake and use of nutrients.

Benefits of biosys over normal tea brew:

Consistency & reliability: Every dose of Biosys has identical ingredients to the next, you can rest assured it will have the same results cycle after cycle. Home brewed teas heavily rely on the ingredients which can vary between batches.

No brewing – All other teas require the mix to be brewed for hours – Biosys can be used instantly!

Contains a consortium of different species of beneficial bacteria, with each strain carrying out a different function for the plant in a combined effect, you can be safe in the knowledge all species will have a beneficial affect on plants, with home-brew teas, a simple error such as not providing enough aeration can favour bad bacteria.

Incorporate to your usual nutrient regime – no changes required!

How to use Ecothrive Biosys

Biosys can be used with tap water but better results can be seen when used alongside reverse osmosis (R/O) water for two reasons; some of the species in biosys are not tolerant of fluorides which are often added to municipal water. It’s also not recommended to go above 1.5 EC when using biosys, so using R/O water will allow you to push plants harder by using that E.C for plant-usable elements rather than carbonates.

If you are using tap water, leave it to stand for 24hrs to allow the chlorine and fluorine time to evaporate. Letting water stand does not allow chloramides to evaporate - pretreat water with Ecothrive Neutralise to make the most out of biosys.

Biosys is fully water soluble but it’s recommended to pre-dilute the dose before adding to your reservoir; mix the dose for the entire tank to around a litre of water, mix and then add to your reservoir.

Do not use with disinfectants like Oxy plus & silver bullet – These products are wide acting and cannot tell the difference between good and bad bacteria. IF you’re having issues with root rot, you can sterilise the system before adding biosys – just make sure you’ve cleaned it with water first.

Biosys also makes plants less likely to contract disease at the root level; there’s only a limited amount of space in a substrate, fill it with good bacteria and there’s no space for the bad. Your army of good bacteria and fungi will out-compete bad organisms, making disease a lot less likely..

We recommend letting Biosys sit for between 15-30mins before application to allow the spores time to ‘wake up’ and become active.

Use Biosys to rebalance your substrate at week 7 after the PK push for a cleaner end product. Biosys will help the plant process the remaining nutrition before the flush.

Once in a solution, Biosys requires constant aeration and movement to stay effective – Don’t allow it to sit for longer than 24hrs

Biosys is perfect for use alongside Ecothrive Charge - Charge provides the nutrition while biosys helps process them into plant avilable forms - You'll notice the faster growth rate and improved taste of organics.

Ecothrive Biosys Applications and Dosage Rates

You can use ecothrive biosys in a number of ways, the rates of application depend on what you’re trying to achieve. As a rough guide:

Propagation of seedlings and cuttings

1g biosys per 1L nutrient solution

pre-soak plugs for atleast 15 mins.

Applying biosis right from the start will being it’s benefits right through the life-cycle of the plant.

Potting on / Planting up:

1g biosys per 1L nutrient solution make sure to wet substrate thoroughly.

When you bring new substrate into your garden, it’s been sterilized by the manufacturers to ensure there’s no nasties hiding in there – Add life to the substrate to get the most out of it.

Solid substrates (soil / coco / rockwool / clay balls):

0.5g biosys per 1L nutrient solution make sure to wet the substrate thoroughly until run-off.

Repeat weekly to ensure a constant high population.

Use with Plain water or half strength nutrients

Recirculating Hydroponics (NFT, DWC, Flood and Drain):

0.25g biosys per 1L nutrient solution

Repeat weekly to ensure a constant high population.

Keep tank changes regular; once every 7-10 days

Do not exceed 1.5 ec

Stress reliver and recovery:

1g biosys per 1L nutrient solution

Do not use with nutrients – water only.

Apply twice within 5 days for best effect.

Outdoor use (raised beds, open soil, allotments:

1g biosys per 1L nutrient solution

inoculation: apply 10L over 5m2 of soil

Maintenance: Apply 10L over 10m2 of soil

Repeat every 4 weeks to ensure healthy populations


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