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Ecothrive Neutralise – Chlorine remover

Ecothrive Neutralise – Chlorine remover

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  • Stop chlorine & chloramine killing beneficial biology
  • Make the most out of your biological additives
  • Chlorine slows down beneficial microorganisms
  • Neutraliser destroys chlorine and chloramine
  • Allows your micro-herd to flourish
  • Can be used alongside any nutrient regime
  • Every Garden can benefit

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Dechlorinate tap water, protecting beneficial microbes from the harmful effects of both Chlorine and Chloramine.

Chlorine and Chloramine are added by local municipal water treatment services to disinfect drinking water, to ensure It’s safe to drink for humans. While levels are completely safe for us, they can be harmful to Plants, Microbiology and Amphibians.

Chlorine can evaporate from water but Chloramine can not. Both compounds slow down micro-herd reproduction and vigour, so if you’re using tap water with beneficial organisms, the water is detrimental to the health of these organisms and your not making the most of your additives.

Chlorine compounds also antagonise root growth of some plants, studies have shown an increase in root browning & reduced root growth resulting in poor plant health in hydroponic lettuce when Chloramine is present at typical tap water levels.

While larger gardens can justify the cost of a filter, it’s often prohibitive for smaller hobbyists but with neutralise everyone can benefit from conditioning their tap water before feeding to plants, regardless of their system type or size of garden.

Neutralise composition:

formulated from citric acid from fermentation processes

Does not affect EC or PH

Does not cause any precipitation

How to use Neutralise

With a favourable dilution rate of just 1 drop per litre, neutralise is easy to use and goes a long way.

Can be used alongside any nutrient regime.

Add to nutrient solution prior to adding any beneficial organisms.

Works instantly

Apply at any temperature

50ml can prepare up to 1000 Litres of de-chlorinated water

250ml can prepare up to 5000 Litres of de-chlorinated water


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