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ETI Water thermometer

ETI Water thermometer

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  • Accurately measure the temperature in your environment & reservoir.
  • Internal and external thermometer.
  • Waterproof external probe
  • Maximum and minimum temps.
  • Audible temperature alarm


Stable temperatures are one of the key elements of perfect results


The max/min function allows you to keep track of the extreme temperatures in your room and reservoir while you’re not there. If lights are off during night time, the ambient temperature will drop significantly when compared to when lights are on. The minimum function will allow you to see how low the temperatures are when the lights are off whilst the maximum function allows you to see how high the temperatures go during lights on.


As the seasons change, it is very important to constantly measure the fluctuations of temperature in your environment and reservoir since the ambient temperature can greatly affect temperatures inside the growing environment.


When environment temperatures are too low you can heat the growing environment with a simple greenhouse heater or a space heater for larger spaces. If temperatures are too high, you should consider the use of different techniques to lower the temperature. Oscillating fans help increase plant transpiration and cool them down through evaporation. If growing in a hydroponic system, chillers can be installed in order to reduce temperatures within the reservoir.


How to use

Simply install the included battery into the device and it is ready to use! It may take several minutes for the readings to stabilise



range: -49.9 to 69.9°C

resolution: 0.1 °C/°F

accuracy: ±1°C

battery: 3 volt CR2032 lithium coin cell

battery life: 3000 hours

display: custom LCD

dimensions: 16 x 50 x 82mm

weight: 50 grams

case material: ABS plastic

guarantee: one year

measurement scale: Celsius/Fahrenheit


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