Planting Guide – Sowing Tomato Seeds

If you want the tastiest, juiciest tomatoes, you’ll want to put some Thompson & Morgan tomato seeds in your shopping basket. Growing your own, home-grown tomatoes is easier than you might think. When grown well, they’re far better than their mass-grown versions, bought from the supermarket.

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What Do I Need To Grow Tomato Seeds?

All you need to grow your own tomatoes from seed, is:

Once your seeds are ready to go out, you’ll need a sunny wall, or somewhere that’s not too windy. Make sure you choose somewhere that gets a good amount of sun. Grow the plants to full maturity in 15l plant pots or grow bags. Grab a bottle of Tomato feed (don’t forget a watering can). Then you can grow your own crop of nutritious tomatoes.

Garden tip: If you want the ultimate in convenience, use a Hozelock grow bag waterer or the awesome AutoPot tray2grow automatic watering system.

Growing your own tomatoes from seed is pretty easy. You can start simple, with as little as a packet of seeds, some 33cl pots, pots, and some good quality seed compost. While the seeds germinate, it’s a good idea to keep the humidity level high with some cling film, or clear plastic bags and some elastic bands to hold the bags in place.

Garden tip: Tomatoes are heavy feeders, so keeping them fed and watered with the right tomato food is important.

Thompson & Morgan Tomatoes on teh vine in sunshine

If you want to grow more, you’re better off investing in a headed UpYouGrow propagator, these will give you years of service. They also allow you to start your seeds off much earlier in the year. And you’ll benefit from a longer vegetative growth period.

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Free Download: Planting Guide – Sowing Tomato Seeds

To make things much easier, we’ve put this step-by-step Tomato seed planting guide together. It’s aimed at helping you get the best out of your packs of Thompson & Morgan tomato seeds.

Click the image below or click this link to download your free Planting Guide – Sowing Tomato Seeds.

Tomato Seeds Planting Guide