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FLIRmask sheeting 30m x 1m

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  • Keep heat within a space.
  • Thermal and infrared shielding.
  • Blackout in thermal reflection.
  • Aluminium coating is extremely reflective.
  • Dual purpose; Thermally shields and reflects light.

This Quality sheeting has been designed to offer heat shielding for a number of environments; keep heat within the space it is being generated, reducing energy leakage and increasing energy efficiency. This sheeting can be used in any space that requires radiated heat to be shielded.


Common applications include protecting equipment and components that are sensitive to heat such as servers, and protecting existing structures or buildings from excessive heat.


The sheeting is flexible and easy to cut with scissors but durable and robust when installed. Suitable for inside or outside use.


How to use

Simply line the space you wish to thermally shield with the sheeting making sure there is an overlap between each sheet. You can attach the sheet to a structure with aluminium tape for temporary solutions or with staples for more permanent spaces.


Any holes or spaces between sheets will allow leakage and not optimally shield the room, so the whole space should be covered.

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