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Flymo Contour 500E 25cm Corded Grass Trimmer - 230V

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  • Suitable for any size garden
  • 1.5 mm dual auto-feed trimming line
  • 25 cm cutting width
  • 10-metre power cable
  • The 230 V AC 500 W motor easily deals with long grass

What is the Flymo Contour 500E 25 cm Corded Grass Trimmer?

If you want to keep the edges of your lawn tidy and crisp with razor-sharp definition, then this simple to use garden tool is for you. The Flymo Contour 500E is user-friendly, lightweight, weighing only 3.1 kg and easy to handle. The powerful motor on this grass trimmer and edging functionality helps gardeners of all abilities maintain beautiful gardens. The adjustable head, handle and telescopic shaft give you a multitude of configuration options to suit you and your garden.

Accessories & Spares

A full range of easy to find accessories and spares means you'll have no trouble finding replacement nylon trimmer line.

Why Do I Need The Contour 500E Grass Trimmer?

The Flymo Contour 500E 25 cm Corded Grass Trimmer is perfect for keeping any size garden tidy. This 230 V AC, 500W corded grass trimmer has a cutting width of 25 cm. This width is perfect for easy trimming around the edges of your garden.

The 1.5 mm dual auto-feed line tackles thick grasses and extra tough conditions with ease. Nylon trimming line is softer than metal blades. This means it's safer to use around established trees and permanent/semi-permanent garden furniture and children's play equipment.

What are the Key Benefits of the Flymo Contour 500E 25cm Corded Grass Trimmer - 230V?

The following key benefits are features designed in to the Flymo Contour 500E 25cm Corded Grass Trimmer - 230V. They outline why you need this handy trimmer in your garden life:

  • Useful cable storage system
  • Plant guard
  • Edging function
  • Shrubbing mode
  • Adjustable handle
  • Telescopic shaft

Useful Cable Storage System

Moulded loops allows for neat and simple storage of the 10-metre power cable and moulded mains plug.

Plant Guard

Plant guard helps to protect your plants from being accidentally trimmed while your working. The guard helps to define the working limit of the trimmer as well as housing the line limiter, which maintains the trimming line to a specific length.

Edging Function

Simply press the edging button (situated on the top of the trimmer head) and rotate the trimmer 90-degrees to edge your lawn with consummate ease.

Shrubbing Mode

Shrubbing mode allows you to tilt the trimmer head to cut grass where you can't get a mower and easily maintain awkward areas, like under benches, bushes or trampolines.

Adjustable Handle

The configurable handle lets you quickly and easily change the position angle for maximum user comfort.

Telescopic Shaft

The telescopic shaft is fully adjustable to suit your height and working conditions. The simple, ergonomic twist-lock mechanism is easy to disengage to make those quick changes.

Flymo Contour 500E 25 cm Corded Grass Trimmer Product Dimensions

Item Dimension (cm)
Product Length (handles assembled)  26
Product Height (handles assembled)  90
Product Width 25

Flymo Contour 500E 25 cm Corded Grass Trimmer Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Cable Length (m) 10
Cable Storage Yes
Cutting Width (cm) 25
Feed Mechanism Double Auto
Line Diameter (mm) 15
Motor Power (W) 500
Power Type Electric
Product Weight (kg) 3.1
Vibration Level 2.0
Sound Power Level,
guaranteed (LWA) dB(A)

User Manuals

Downloadable Flymo Contour 500E 25cm Corded Grass Trimmer manuals are available using the following links:

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