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Flymo EasiStore 300R Li 30cm Cordless Lawnmower - 40V

Flymo EasiStore 300R Li 30cm Cordless Lawnmower - 40V

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  • Cordless, battery powered lawnmower
  • 2x 20V - 40V battery power
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Space saving with vertical storage and easy to transport
  • Integrated roller for that striped lawn finish
  • 30 litre grassbox
  • Ambidextrous handles

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What is the Flymo EasiStore 300R Li 30cm Cordless Lawnmower - 40V?

Designed for small gardens, the Flymo EasiStore 300R Li is a battery powered wheeled rotary lawnmower with 2x removable 20V (2.6 Ah) Lithium Ion batteries give 40V of power with a 30 cm wide cutting base.

The mower features space saving storage and a unique transport position. Equipped with a large easy to empty 30 litre grassbox, close to edge cutting deck, a rear roller to create stripe effect, and comfortable dual lever handles.

With no cables to trip over, this battery powered mower is compact and highly portable. The powerful motor will handle longer grass and help to keep or get your lawn in great shape in no time. It comes equipped with a large easy-to-empty 30-litre grass box and allows you to cut close to the edge of side fences and sheds with its side guard protected cutting deck. An integrated rear roller allows you to create that professional, stripe effect. Ergonomic dual lever handles makes controlling and moving the mower really easy.

What are the Key Benefits of the Flymo EasiStore 300R Li 30cm Cordless Lawnmower?

The following key benefits are features designed in to the Flymo EasiStore 300R Li 30 cm Cordless Lawnmower. They outline why you need this handy mower in your garden life:

  • Space saving vertical storage
  • Easy to transport
  • Integrated roller for that striped lawn finish
  • Cordless Freedom
  • Close to the edge cutting
  • Easy to empty grassbox
  • Ambidextrous handles
  • Stable over edges
  • Easy to carry

Space Saving Vertical Storage

The small footprint and clever 3-step fold away storage design makes the Flymo EasiStore 300R lawnmower mower perfect for small to medium gardens and busy sheds with limited space. The 3-step storage saves floor space. The intelligent storage design means you can fold the handle down and stand the mower up vertically. There's even room for the grass box to neatly stow in the handle.

Easy to Transport

The mower provides extra mobility with an upright travel position. It allows the least amount of effort get to and from the lawn, no matter how far.

Integrated Roller For That Striped Lawn Finish

The EasiStore 300R lawnmower comes equipped with an integrated rear roller. The roller means you can create an awesome looking lawn with that sought after, professional looking, striped finish.

Cordless Freedom

Cover the whole lawn without the restriction of a power cord, for greater freedom & flexibility. Twin 2.6 Ah 20V Lithium Ion batteries provide more than enough power to cover small to medium lawns. A full recharge is achieved in around three hours.

Close to the Edge Cutting

The cutting deck is designed to allow you to cut close to borders, flowerbeds, fences and sheds, meaning less trimming is required.

Easy to Empty Grassbox

A 30-litre grass box with tongue design makes it easier to fit and remove as well as dispose of the grass clippings.

Ambidextrous Handles

Dual lever handles mean you can easily and comfortably operate the mower with either hand for greater flexibility and manoeuvrability. This means you can move the power cable out of the way easier no matter which direction you're travelling.

Stable Over Edges

The integrated rear roller keeps the mower stable, this allows you to cut right up to and over the edge without scalping your turf.

Easy to Carry

A convenient, integrated handle, designed in to the top of the mower, makes it easy to carry to and from the lawn.

Flymo Corded EasiStore 300R Lawnmower Product Dimensions

Item Dimension (cm)
Product Length (handles assembled) 112
Product Height (handles assembled) 90
Product Width 38
Wheel Diameter (front & rear)  14 / 14

Flymo Corded EasiStore 300R Lawnmower Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Battery 40V (2x 20V)
Battery Capacity (Ah) 2.6
Battery Charge Time (min) 100% charged 180
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Included Yes
Battery Run Time (min) 35 (free-running)
No. Batteries Included 2x
Power Type Battery
Collect / Non-Collect Collect
Carry Handle Yes
Cutting Width (cm) 30
Foldable Handles Yes
Grass Box Capacity (l) 30
Grass Combs Yes
Handle Control Switch Lever Dual
Product Weight (kg) 8.8
Rear Roller Yes


Brand Flymo

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